Vacuum Pack Your Presentation

Whenever I put together any kind of presentation, be it a magic show, a talk or a theatrical piece, there is one rule I have followed over the years that has served me well. Your best bet with a presentation is to vacuum pack it. Eliminate the fluff. Suck the air out of it. Make it all meat and no veggies.

You get the point. I came to this realization years ago. I have spent a great deal of my life hanging around performers, and  performers have a tendency to compare notes. Every now and then I’d be talking with someone who had an effect in their repertoire that I also used.  Often, they would brag about how they were able to fill ten minutes  of their show with that one effect, which caught me by surprise because I only got three minutes from it.

And it’d make me wonder… should I be getting more time from it, or should they be getting less? Almost every time I come down on the side of less. And not just because that was how I did it, but because it is usually all that routine is good for.

I have sat through waaay too many Power Point presentations that could easily have been cut in half, but the presenter had to fill 30 minutes, so fill it they did. And they bored me so much that I missed the fifteen minutes of meat in their slide show. Just because you can talk ad nauseum, doesn’t mean you should make the audience nauseous.

Here is my method in a nut shell: Suck the air out of your presentation, or you will have to air the suck out of it. Vacuum pack it, and it will stay fresh.

Because if you’re fillin’ you ain’t killin’.