Free Writing Part 3

Free writing is a great exercise to unlock your creative side, and like any exercise you will get better at it over time. However, just like in physical fitness, your technique can always be tweaked here and there to help you get the most out of the exercise.

So here are a few of my discoveries using free writing. :

1) Don’t look at the paper as you write! By not looking at the page, you won’t be tempted to go back and correct mistakes. If you allow corrections a bunch of times pretty soon nothing but correcting is getting done. Do look up occasionally however, just to be sure your computer hasn’t frozen and ten minutes of writing isn’t recorded. Don’t ask me how I know this can happen.

2) Move as swiftly as possible. Every time you stop the flows gets interrupted.  If you have nothing to write about, write about having nothing to write about. Soon enough, you’ll get back to creating. Just put it all down and deal with the mess later.

3) I tend to write in Microsoft word so I like to hit the ‘Enter’ key frequently, especially if I feel I’ve come to the end of a thought. Then, when I edit later, I switch the page into ‘Outline Mode’. This allows me to move chunks of text around quite easily by just dragging them.

4) Ten minute sessions are just for starters. You want to work up to a good thirty minutes every day.

5) Try not to do too much left brain activity beforehand. I used to solve Crosswords and Sudokus puzzles when my brain was fresh, then I’d be surprised how hard it was to get creative. Start with right brain activity. It’s easier to switch to logic after.

That’s the short version of it. If you want to know more, here’s a link to the book. You can probably pick it up used for pretty cheap, but if the used copies are anything like mine, they’ll be all marked up.

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