Death by Committee

“I’ll have to bounce it off the committee”. Usually that is the last thing I’ll hear before I never hear from that person again.  I  rarely believe it. To me, there are only two possibilities when the dreaded “committee” is brought up.

  1. There really is no committee, but the person you are dealing with doesn’t want to tell you “no”. It’s also a lot easier than saying, “Holy crap! There is no way we can afford you.” Hiding behind a mythical committee is a great way to save face. And money.
  2. There really is a committee, but  members of that committee use it as a smokescreen to avoid having to face people personally and tell them “no”. Usually  you can tell that the committee actually exists when the person who has to tell you “no” also tells you  it was the other members who didn’t want your services. However, they were personally  pulling for you. I once worked at a place that had committees like this. You could run into each member of that committee on the street and each one would say that they were the one pulling for you, but the other members said no. Admittedly, I use this technique whenever I run into a politician who has recently lost an election. I assure them that I did vote for them, but it must have been the other 98% of the electorate that didn’t.

I guess there is a third possibility… There really is a committee and they really don’t want my goods or services.

Nah… That’s just silly talk.

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