That's Just The 'Tip' of The Ice Queen

Hillary Clinton wants you to have more in life. But Hillary, like a typical Democrat, wants someone else to give it to you while she takes the credit. A recent episode at an Iowa restaurant exemplifies not only how she and most liberals operate, but how elitist they act in the process.

At a campaign stop in an Iowa town, she and her entourage stopped and dined at a Maid-Rite restaurant. Maid-Rite is well known as the home of the loose meat sandwich. Hillary Clinton is now well known as the woman who doesn't leave loose change. On a bill of about $160, the woman (who is supposed to be the champion of the little guy), left little in the way of a tip. In fact, no one on her staff saw fit to leave anything.

Senator Clinton walked away with more than just a belly full of loose meat. (Bill Clinton on the other hand, has never walked away from loose meat of any kind.) She also left with yet another one of her classic stories of the little people she meets along the way whose needs can only be met if she is chosen President. This particular tale was about a woman she met working as a waitress, juggling jobs and family, and struggling to make ends meet. Something that she would see to personally, once elected, but something she did not tend to personally when she had the chance. I guess it's a whole lot easier to tip from Washington.

The Clinton organization leaked stories of how they generously left their server at Maid-Rite a $100 tip. The waitress, a Clinton supporter, anxiously went to work the next day to collect the large gratuity bestowed upon her - probably hoping to put some food on the table for those children Hillary so desperately wants to help. Instead, she became the first victim of Hillary's new tax raise and found nothing. When she told the press that she had been stiffed by a Clinton, their first question was, "Which one?"

If Clinton and her staff done the right thing at this point, they could have created a great photo opportunity that would have shown Hillary as slightly less frosty. Yet they found a way to make it worse. Had they said, "Oops, our mistake, we'll take care of it," the story would have gone away and Hillary would have appeared somewhat human. But they couldn't resist going into classic Clinton defense mode. Like the experts say; when your only tool is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail. And Hillary's team took a sledge hammer to a wire brad.

First up in the Clinton hand book… denial. The staffer who paid the bill said he left the tip on his personal credit card. When the restaurant accountant looked up the receipt, however, the tip line was blank. Embarrassing to most people, but not a Clinton employee. "I remember now," he said, "I paid the tip out of my pocket in cash." Mighty bighearted of the man, too, since he would not be able to be reimbursed from campaign funds for a cash tip. Just try getting repaid from your boss without a receipt. Another problem dogged Hillary. No one at the restaurant could find the elusive C-note. It didn't exist.

Phase two of the Clinton strategy… lie. Hillary's people brought forth a manager who claimed that a $100 tip was definitely left behind. He was the only one to make this claim. Unfortunately, that manager was not working the day they came in and no other staff member backed him up. Unless the amazing Kreskin is managing a Maid-Rite store, this man is less credible than a loose meat burger is edible.

At this point, a woman trying to paint a picture of herself as compassionate would dip into her millions of campaign dollars and drop off another hundred dollar bill with apologies. After all, they had already been basking in the glory of having been that magnanimous. Why not back it up? Instead, they found a way to make it worse. Hillary-Care, meet Hillary carelessness.

Stage three of Clinton-ology… dig in. They claimed someone at the restaurant must have taken the money. As in stolen it. (If this is true, then my money is on the manager that had the day off. He can spend it on the psychic hotline.) What a great way to promote harmony and peace among people! Tell them they have a thief in their midst. Of course, if Hillary is elected, we will have a thief in our midst.

Unfortunately for Hillary, the staff of the restaurant showed remarkable solidarity, stating that they trust their co-workers and don't believe any employee would steal someone else's money. They also showed remarkable harmony in their dismissal of the Clinton campaign's tactic of accusing them of less than honorable actions. What can Hillary do now that it's a bunch of women ganging up on her? She can do what a Clinton always does at this point: Acquiesce and insult.

The staffer who originally paid the bill dropped by the restaurant and gave the stiffed waitress a crisp twenty dollar bill to correct the hundred dollar misunderstanding. Twenty bucks on a $160 tab is under thirteen percent. A sub-par tip and in most cases, an insult to the server. But this was an insult in many more ways. Why didn't they replace the C-note? Giving only twenty dollars, is like admitting the original tip was something much less, and most likely nothing. If you take credit for giving someone a hundred bucks, then you had better give them one hundred dollars. Another affront to the waitress is that by giving her a smaller tip than you boasted about, you are telling her that you think she is lying about the missing tip or that she or one of her co-workers stole it. Giving a woman a lousy tip while insinuating that she is a thief is no way to win her over, or the average Joe whose vote you want to get.

All of this grief over one hundred dollars. Hillary and company could have made this go away at any time, but chose not to. It tells you a lot about the candidate. Women have been known to judge men by how nice they are to waitresses and how generous they are when paying the tab. Hillary failed in both departments, and this, my friends, is just the tip of the ice queen.

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